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Hard Floor Cleaning London

Modern interior design trends pushed away the dusty carpets from many of our rooms. Today in some houses we see only one or two small carpets, near the fireplace, or under the coffee table. The majority of the floors is now being covered in hardwood panels, stylish tiles or granite. Anyway, those surfaces need special kind of treatment in order to maintain them in the great condition they are from their first day.

Wooden Floors Cleaning

Wooden Hard Floor, ParquetteWe all know that in order to keep them fresh and without scratches we have to brush any dirt from the flooring every day. If you walk inside with your shoes, even just to get your keys you are bringing small stones and dirt from the outside. Even if you don't do that the wind will do it for you, while just blowing it in through the door or covering your hair and clothes and use you as a Trojan horse. It is normal, but by sweeping the floors everyday you limit the risk.

However, you can't keep them forever and tiny scratches will show here and there no matter what you do. Don't worry. Jerm Pro Cleaners got you covered! Our cleaners not only can mop and dust your wooden hard floors. They can also polish them. Whether we are using a special detergents while mopping or applying extra polish power with a polishing machine. In both cases, those nasty scratches will be filled in. Bare in mind that deep scratches won't just disappear from your floors, but with the rest of the flooring shining bright you might not pay them as much attention.

Tiled Hard Floor Cleaning

Tiled Hard FloorSame rules apply for the tile covered floors. Smaller stones from the outside can ruin the gloss finish of your hard floors, or even leave small white dots. Those dots are probably appearing, because of a stone was pushed on your tile and it completely chipped the finish of your tile off. Damage like that can't be fixed. However, it could be prevented by regular hard floor cleaning and, of course, polishing your tiles with paste that can apply a thin protective layer on top of them.

All of that applies for your granite floors, no matter if it is with polished finish or mat. If you have granite hard floors outside of your house they have a deeper, more natural texture, you might need the Pressure Cleaning service for those.

Our technicians have the proper tools and machines for polishing and cleaning hard floors. We can supply the detergents as well, of course. The only thing needed from you is to book our services and rest assured that the professional will do the job for you.